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Recording Vocals

This isn’t about mixing vocals, it is about recording them. They are two very different things. I will address mixing and EQ-ing some other time. But right now I will address some very basic but important and sometimes overlooked things about getting a good vocal track. A famous saying in my studio is “do it again.”

Having a background in musical theater and formal training in singing, I act as the vocal coach for my own band and for myself, though I am always learning something new. The learning never ends.

When recording your vocals take your time.  Do it right. Listen carefully. Did you got the right feel? Did you capture the right mood? Don’t be afraid to create the right atmosphere during recording. If your studio is set up with lights that make it feel like someone’s office cubicle, you may well get a sound…

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Ch, ch, ch, ch, Changes…

Way to go Glitter! Hope things continue to get netter and better for you.

An Outlaw's Journal

I’ve been quiet lately.  Although I have a lot I want to say, I just can’t seem to find the right words yet.  I’ve been through so many life changing events in the past year, it’s hard to know where to start.  Business is good, life is getting better.  The sunshine is starting to peer through the storm clouds.  I’m starting to feel alive again.  I wish I could tell yall more details, but it’s not the time or place.  What I can tell you is I feel more myself, and more in touch with my feelings, needs, wants and dreams more than I ever have.

Have you ever been so caught up in a TV show, that even though the characters upset you, you’re tired with it, and it’s not satisfying anymore, you just keep watching it anyway?  Habitually, we just do what we have been doing.  Even if…

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Music Video Of The Week: There’s A Party In My Pants (And You’re All Invited) by Diamante

Moshpits And Movies

diamanteI decided to give all of you out there on the web a second music video of the week because this is a good one and something released recently. After seeing n article with Diamante, I was left wondering to myself just who in the world is Diamante? All we know is that she is one hot blonde that is only 18 years old which is insane, but she is making music and a name for herself. She was featured in Revolver Magazine’s hottest chicks in Metal and she is touring with the likes of Flyleaf and even Whitesnake. She also has an EP out that you can get called Dirty Blonde EP that features our music video of the week in the track There’s A Party In My Pants (And You’re All Invited) which may raise a few eyebrows in a world dominated by men. She spoke to…

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Train Like A Shaolin Monk In The Songshang Mountains In China. July – August 2015


yellow mt2-00210FromFriday 31st July 2015  – Friday 28th August 2015 I’ll be teaching a Shaolin Summer Camp in the Songshang Mountains, a few kilometers away from the Shaolin Temple in China. You’ll train like a Shaolin Monk in authentic Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong, three times a day, 6 days a week. You can train for a minimum of two weeks or the whole month. The focus will be on training hard! This is not a holiday. IMG_4768Sample Schedule: Most of your training will be done outside. You will start the day with a run up the mountain then come back and do a kung fu session with the emphasis on strength and stamina training, you will then cool down with some Qigong. IMG_4725After you’ve finished training, breakfast will be served. This is usually steamed bread, congee, pickled vegetables and stir fried vegetables. After breakfast you’ll rest and we’ll start our training…

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SoundCloud Steps Up Revenue Drive In Deal With Zefr, YouTube’s Content Tracking Partner


Audio streaming platform SoundCloud, now on the road to monetizing more of the tracks on its platform through ads and paid subscriptions, is adding a key partnership into the mix to help track what gets played and when: it is now working with Zefr to identify content posted and listened to on the platform.

Today’s announcement is light on detail — Zefr notes in a statement that the aim is to “better understand the sharing of content on the platform.” We’ve sent several questions both to Zefr and SoundCloud asking about how the partnership will work, and whether others in the rights management space like Kobalt might also get involved. We will update as we learn more. But what is more clear is that it’s being put in place more generally as part of a larger revenue push.

“SoundCloud is continuing its evolution as a mature platform for labels and advertisers,” said SoundCloud…

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School’s Out!


Schools Out Collage

With summer quickly approaching, I thought it high time to provide the world with some fresh new tunes to get the blood pumping! Whether you’re nearing summer break, looking forward to days on the beach, or just need something to liven up the drive home from work, we’ve got you covered. The School’s Out playlist features a few of our past guests alongside several new names to the OOTWW community, notably including the international artists Karixon and Z.A.R with their new release “Miss you too“. Click here for a quick link to the full playlist, or continue reading for the long version. Be sure to let us know what you think on our social media pages so we can send your feedback to these fantastic musicians!

  1. Kaleidescape – Collective Disparity ft. Aubrey Shea
  2. Joshua Tree – Leah Nobel
  3. Miss You Too – Karixon ft. Z.A.R
  4. Avenue – Elia…

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