Ghostly Beard Music Review: ‘Inward’

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Ghostly Beard-jpg.comA Twitter influencer with a reputation for being kindhearted, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Ghostly Beard’s album Inward is an emotive prog-pop collection of ten new, original songs. Penned by the enigmatic musician, each composition is fully accessible and laced with sonic warmth. Having been influenced by classic and progressive rock, jazz, blues and more, listen to how the songwriter’s perspective translates into distinct musical fluidity. But this only begins to tell the story.

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The opening track from Inward, “How Does It Feel?,” begins with acoustic guitar strumming, before the recording shimmers into a tremolo-like lushness at the ten second mark, aptly creating mood and atmosphere. Soon a thick bassline takes hold before poignant vocals deliver a subtle and meditative entry: “When you’re ready to resign, the feeling goes away, but you’re almost blind, when you’re on the edge of time and all the things…

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IndiePulse Reviews – Narrow Plains (Self-Titled Debut Album) on Spectra Music Group Label

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Narrow Plains are an acoustic-Indie/Americana band based in London, consisting of Charlie Ferriday (guitar/vocals), Roger Connick (bass/back-up vocals), Edd Simpson (guitar/keys) and Stuart Connick (drums/back-up vocals).

Narrow Plains has recently signed with Spectra Music Group, the leading US independent record company, with a single and album to be released in early 2018.


In Review:

The Self-Titled Album by Narrow Plains is in Pre-Release and most on the “Hush-Hush”, which has their fans nibbling at the bit in anticipation, but the forward release of the single, ”I Should’ve Known” is truly a key indicator of what’s in store. With passionate and powerful lyrics, and a down to earth sound, you would think this group was from the USA Southern and Mid-West Music Belt, and not part of the Brit Rock scene, in fact, for a UK Group to be part of the nominees at The Nashville…

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Indie music promotion

KB Radio Family of stations

     Over the past few weeks I watched with dismay and fascination as a number of things around me, being KB Radio and myself personally, developed and became more apparent to me.   One side of this began a few weeks ago with a conversation I had with two artists, Patrick (Ghostly Beard) and Erin (Erin at Eleven)  Patrick had a vision of indie artists working together more and more, not looking at the music industry as a competition between artists trying to succeed, but an opportunity to work with others in a way that mutually supports and promotes all.  It is a lofty goal but as it turns out from someone who has a drive and a spirit like so few others I have watched him quickly build many connections and quickly grow his network of contacts in and around the music industry.

There is both a simplicity and an…

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Music, Rotation, Additions, etc.. running a Radio Station Playlist and Rotation

KB Radio Family of stations

In this age of internet radio and corporate radio for AM FM and Satellite, the idea of music rotation is to me a lost art.  To run a radio station you don’t just throw 100 songs on and play whatever whenever.  This actually may be the case with some of the internet stations, but that’s okay for them.  Your typical FM station now has their music all programmed by a service.  Many stations use a preset format, like Virgin Radio, Jack FM, Froggy etc.  These stations for the most part are all playing the same music.  By that I mean if you turn on a Virgin Radio station in one city and then another city you will find they are playing the exact same music.  In some cases, with corporate giants like IHeart Radio, you can hear the same DJ’s or shows on multiple stations.  There was a report at…

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Bree Taylor is Just What You’re Looking For!

Hidden Gems Broadcasting

21558562_10208951100528886_6192807761967904465_nCarla’s Country Mile is very excited that Bree Taylor, an upcoming artist in the Greater Toronto area, will be joining us for a live interview Thursday night 9PM Atlantic Time Zone. You will be the first to hear her new single! Here is a little bit on Bree. More to come on the show!

(CCM) Let’s start by where were you born and raised? Where do you hang your hat now?

(BREE) I was born and raised in the Toronto area my entire life. We moved around the city a lot growing up but we were always in the GTA. I currently live in the outskirts of Toronto but am living on my own.

(CCM) What instruments do you play? Which ones do you wish you could play?

(BREE) I play a bit of piano and guitar but not very well. I really wish I had spent more time over the…

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What’s In A Number: Can Streaming Really Be Worth $28 Billion? — Music Industry Blog

Indiependent News

Goldman Sachs just made some headlines with its assessment that Universal Music is worth $23.5 billion and that the paid streaming market will be worth $28 billion in 2030 (up from $3.5 billion in 2016 and close to double the size of the entire recorded music business in 2016). For a little bit of perspective, […]

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Sleep Signals – At the End of the World

Sleep Signals 1

Founded in 2014, Sleep Signals have garnered a dedicated following through relentless touring, their explosive live performances, and their ability to blend catchy hooks with their high-energy songwriting style. When we say catchy hooks, they’ve got more than a fly fisherman’s tackle box.  Since hitting the road in early 2015, the band has played more than 175 shows in over twenty-five states, building a solid fan base across the USA

So it’s well worth checking out their album “At the End of the World”, (produced by Justin Rimer – Saving Abel, 12 Stones) which will be released on September 8, 2017 along with a scheduled “The Autumn Rebellion Tour” with “The Scars Heal In Time”.

Sleep SIgnals Tour

“At the End of the World” is something of a surprise as the band are touted as “rockers” but there’s a bit more to them than that.  True at their heart they are definitely rockers…

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