A Fan Primer to Why Streaming Pays Shit, Why Artists Roll With It, & What We Can Do

My Emu Is Emo

Spotify’s “Dance Like Nobody’s Paying” ad campaign has earned backlash from musicians and songwriters, who point out that streaming pays horribly. So I got a question from a music-lover about what streaming service fans should use, to best serve the artists we support.

I knew going in that the answer wasn’t as simple as “just switch to streaming service X” — especially since plenty of musicians I follow urge their fans to stream specifically on Spotify (and YouTube, which pays even worse than Spotify). The ultimate answer is that the industry as a whole needs to be revamped.

What follows here is a fan primer on the issue, so you can make informed choices. It’s important to note that, if you’re especially committed to supporting a specific musician, and that musician is saying outright “stream me here!”, it’s not wrong to comply. Your favorite musician has weighed the…

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