Countdown to Lynchburg Music Fest: Lee Gibson

The Lynchburg Times

Lee Gibson will play the Lynchburg Radio Stage on Saturday at 2:15 p.m. {Photo Provided}

EVENTS A little sugar, little yeast, little corn, little water … burns so good make a grown man holler.

With lyrics like these from his recent single “Lincoln County Lightening,” it’s not hard to imagine that Winchester’s Lee Gibson will fit right in in a music festival whose tagline is, “where music meets whiskey.”

He grew up listening to country icons like Daniels and Haggard and Jones. The ghosts of those legends linger on stage as Gibson play original songs filled with lost love, hardship, and, of course, a little drinking.

He plays traditional country music with vocals that have been compared to Dwight Yoakam and Ronnie Dunn with lyric that express what it’s like to live in the heart of whiskey country right here is southern, middle Tennessee.

He’s opened for artists ranging…

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A Fan Primer to Why Streaming Pays Shit, Why Artists Roll With It, & What We Can Do

My Emu Is Emo

Spotify’s “Dance Like Nobody’s Paying” ad campaign has earned backlash from musicians and songwriters, who point out that streaming pays horribly. So I got a question from a music-lover about what streaming service fans should use, to best serve the artists we support.

I knew going in that the answer wasn’t as simple as “just switch to streaming service X” — especially since plenty of musicians I follow urge their fans to stream specifically on Spotify (and YouTube, which pays even worse than Spotify). The ultimate answer is that the industry as a whole needs to be revamped.

What follows here is a fan primer on the issue, so you can make informed choices. It’s important to note that, if you’re especially committed to supporting a specific musician, and that musician is saying outright “stream me here!”, it’s not wrong to comply. Your favorite musician has weighed the…

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Plunging into PledgeMusic’s financial statements

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My horrified fascination at the ways in which “the PledgeMusic fiasco is weirder than you think” (Part 1, Part 2) — the investor being investigated by the SEC! the mysterious Panamanian seed investor! the loan that makes no sense and the share allotments that never show up in official filings! — left me wondering what I would have done if I’d read their financial statements back when I participated as a fan in a pledge campaign, back in 2015.

The artist’s label was using PledgeMusic for pre-orders, and it was important to me to show up and be counted as a loyal fan — so I can’t believe I would have revealed anything that would have undermined him. But I definitely would have found some things that left me running in circles going “wtf, wtf, wtf?” like a pissed-off chicken, in the privacy of my own home…

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