The New WILDLIFE Single is a Pop/Rock Banger!



Anthemic distorted guitars and stadium-filling vocals are the epic sound of Canadian group WILDLIFE on their newest single “Wasted.” Combing elements from the genres of rock and pop, WILDLIFE has a sound that completely demands the listeners attention. They have pounding drums, beats to dance to, and towering catchy vocal melodies. They have written a hit that will be loudly sung by adoring fans at all of their concerts. The energy is enormous and could serve as an easy mood booster for anyone that takes the time to listen.

This song even contains a musical breakdown with call-and-answer synth and guitar solos. Solos are something that are rarely put in popular music today, so RTP definitely is grateful for that!

Give it a listen, we are sure that “Wasted” is a song that will not be forgotten. It will probably even become a staple on your favorite Spotify playlists.


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