The Rose Monarch Release ‘Co-Pilot’

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Feature image by Rachel Herman

The Rose Monarch is April Rose Gabrielli, Kevin Eiserman, James Humphreys, Matt Cusano and Jared Gabrielli.

Alternative American group, The Rose Monarch have released their latest single ‘Co-Pilot’ which is a treat for the ears. The song was engineered by bassist Matthew Cusano, mixed by Mike Sapone and mastered by Mike Kalajian.

‘Co-Pilot’ was recorded and produced in a basement – already, this demonstrates the drive these musicians have.

The Rose Monarch have said that ‘Co-Pilot’was one “huge experiment” and the first song they decided to record, engineer, produce and facilitate entirely without help.

The term co-pilot runs deep for The Rose Monarch in this song as meaningful lyrics such as “you saved my life” suggests this is a song with strong meaning. The song is intended for a co-pilot/partner or friend that has influenced them. This song reiterates the importance of relationships.

Front-woman April…

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