Need Reverb?: Tweak the Delay Pedal

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Fender® delay pedal-jpg.comAs far as guitar effects go, reverb is essential gear for most electric players. The echoing resonance created by the string reverberation provides desirable sonic dimension in both studio and live music recording situations. But what happens to pickers and strummers who do not have the advantage of plugging into a Fender® amplifier, famous for its legendary reverb, or any other amp without a similar onboard effect? Enter the delay pedal.

Put Into Practice

While playing at home one day, we ran an Epiphone® DOT, refitted with a Seymour Duncan ‘59 humbucker at the neck and a Trembucker in the bridge, into a small five line Behringer mixer, using headphones. With a  Dunlop® Cry Baby Wah, Catalinbread® Dirty Little Secret and Fender® delay pedal, in that order, we still needed a bit of reverb to get the tone right for the beginning riff from Zeppelin’s “Dazed and Confused,” before the…

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