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Why Be Nice, Show Etiquette I recently played a show where the opening acts were so rude! They acted this way towards the sound man, venue, promoter and to me and the other act…the co-headliners of the show. They were so rude that it was noticeable to my friends and family who had come a long…

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The reviews are rolling in and now you can Pre Save ‘Yours’ on Spotify!

Katie Ellen

Hey guys!

I just wanted to share this link so you can pre save my single ‘Yours’ on Spotify!


Following this link helps me get noticed and also makes sure you hear it first!

I’ve had some amazing responses to the song so far and more to come!

Klefnotes.com said:

Read the rest here http://www.klefnotes.com/music_reviews/katie_ellen_yours_pop_uk/

To be described as “one of indies favourite artists” is a huge compliment. I’m proud to be independent and I’m navigating my way through technology and becoming more and more “DIY”.

Yours was recorded entirely in my home studio with equipment I saved and worked for. It was a massive learning curve for me so this release is a little more of a risk than the last one. I’m always so, so aware of things sounding unprofessional so I enlisted the help of Tobi, a producer I’ve connected with online, who has mastered and…

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Collaborative Buzz for Independent Music Releases

Collaborative Buzz
admin-ajaxCan those that work in the independent industry such as indie radio and music blogger folks work together to help create a larger buzz for indie artists? Many of us in the industry are supportive of the same artists and often at varying times. It would be great for the artist’s if we were all working to create that buzz for a new release at the same time and when it’s in the beginning stages, a collaborative buzz.

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Creative Miking for Larger Than Life Space Creation !!!

Recording Studio & Producer Protocol South London


Here at The Coolest Recording Space in London Town – we got The Science!

You can’t always rely on the luxury of a huuuuge space to record your drums / guitars or bass in – so how do you make a drum kit sound huge – in a not so huge space?

Well ….. there are tons of ways to expand audio in post production using phase (non) alignment, compression, delays/reverbs – transient shapers etc – but all these methods can get to sounding a bit Processed! – how do we achieve a nice – natural sounding drum kit recording – by using a Big Assed ribbon mic! – & a tasty eq (either at source or in production).

So – you got a coupla spot mics on the drum skins – and a nice pair of overheads to capture the stereo spread – you’re nearly there! What makes…

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Need Reverb?: Tweak the Delay Pedal

Music, Musicians and More

Fender® delay pedal-jpg.comAs far as guitar effects go, reverb is essential gear for most electric players. The echoing resonance created by the string reverberation provides desirable sonic dimension in both studio and live music recording situations. But what happens to pickers and strummers who do not have the advantage of plugging into a Fender® amplifier, famous for its legendary reverb, or any other amp without a similar onboard effect? Enter the delay pedal.

Put Into Practice

While playing at home one day, we ran an Epiphone® DOT, refitted with a Seymour Duncan ‘59 humbucker at the neck and a Trembucker in the bridge, into a small five line Behringer mixer, using headphones. With a  Dunlop® Cry Baby Wah, Catalinbread® Dirty Little Secret and Fender® delay pedal, in that order, we still needed a bit of reverb to get the tone right for the beginning riff from Zeppelin’s “Dazed and Confused,” before the…

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