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Review: ANNALIA – Wavelength EP

The Alternative Nation


Self Released

1. Affinity
2. Wavelength
3. Traces
4. Dust
5. Hurt My Feelings

Over the last year there has been an exciting emergence of indie pop music, it has come in many forms from both acoustic instruments to full on electronic, the main thing with the music coming out of this scene is that the artists are behind the music we are getting, which in itself gives it more character and emotion since the artist themselves know exactly what they are trying to say and portray in the song. One of those emerging artists has been ANNALIA who first come to my attention with the track ‘Dust’ featured here on the ‘Wavelength’ EP.

Wavelength is an EP that any major label artist would be proud of and shows that the underground/indie pop scene is at its core a more…

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Ghostly Beard Music Review: ‘Inward’

Music Interview Magazine®

Ghostly Beard-jpg.comA Twitter influencer with a reputation for being kindhearted, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Ghostly Beard’s album Inward is an emotive prog-pop collection of ten new, original songs. Penned by the enigmatic musician, each composition is fully accessible and laced with sonic warmth. Having been influenced by classic and progressive rock, jazz, blues and more, listen to how the songwriter’s perspective translates into distinct musical fluidity. But this only begins to tell the story.

        Now Playing 

The opening track from Inward, “How Does It Feel?,” begins with acoustic guitar strumming, before the recording shimmers into a tremolo-like lushness at the ten second mark, aptly creating mood and atmosphere. Soon a thick bassline takes hold before poignant vocals deliver a subtle and meditative entry: “When you’re ready to resign, the feeling goes away, but you’re almost blind, when you’re on the edge of time and all the things…

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IndiePulse Reviews – Narrow Plains (Self-Titled Debut Album) on Spectra Music Group Label

IndiePulse Music Magazine

Narrow Plains are an acoustic-Indie/Americana band based in London, consisting of Charlie Ferriday (guitar/vocals), Roger Connick (bass/back-up vocals), Edd Simpson (guitar/keys) and Stuart Connick (drums/back-up vocals).

Narrow Plains has recently signed with Spectra Music Group, the leading US independent record company, with a single and album to be released in early 2018.


In Review:

The Self-Titled Album by Narrow Plains is in Pre-Release and most on the “Hush-Hush”, which has their fans nibbling at the bit in anticipation, but the forward release of the single, ”I Should’ve Known” is truly a key indicator of what’s in store. With passionate and powerful lyrics, and a down to earth sound, you would think this group was from the USA Southern and Mid-West Music Belt, and not part of the Brit Rock scene, in fact, for a UK Group to be part of the nominees at The Nashville…

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