SoundCloud Steps Up Revenue Drive In Deal With Zefr, YouTube’s Content Tracking Partner


Audio streaming platform SoundCloud, now on the road to monetizing more of the tracks on its platform through ads and paid subscriptions, is adding a key partnership into the mix to help track what gets played and when: it is now working with Zefr to identify content posted and listened to on the platform.

Today’s announcement is light on detail — Zefr notes in a statement that the aim is to “better understand the sharing of content on the platform.” We’ve sent several questions both to Zefr and SoundCloud asking about how the partnership will work, and whether others in the rights management space like Kobalt might also get involved. We will update as we learn more. But what is more clear is that it’s being put in place more generally as part of a larger revenue push.

“SoundCloud is continuing its evolution as a mature platform for labels and advertisers,” said SoundCloud…

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