She’s pretty good… for a girl

An Outlaw's Journal

So the saying goes, for any woman who’s been successful at what would traditionally be “a man’s job”.  Who wrote that rule?  I believe it all started with organized religion, but that’s just a theory.

This topic started troubling me the other day, when again, I heard the phrase.  Why is it good “for a girl”?  Why aren’t you just good at what you do?  No one ever said when Babe Ruth hit his 700th home run, “he’s pretty good! for a guy.”  But they most definitely said it about the female baseball players of that era, when many of them could run circles around the men.  And so on, and so forth, as time goes by, when a woman rises up in “a man’s world”, she’s good for a girl.

Lita Ford isn’t good for a girl, she’s just good! She’s a solid, skilled guitarist, that rocks a stage, and…

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