Lies for Love

An Outlaw's Journal

Oh, what we do for love.  Is it love?  Or is it fulfillment, lust, or comfort?  Maybe its rebellion. Sometimes the things we do depend on what the other people in our lives advise us to do.  What if those people aren’t being honest with you?  What if they’re afraid to tell you the truth, because they are afraid of losing you?  The irony of it all!  

We all fear truth.  We are afraid to feel what is real, because that reality isn’t what we want.  The Rolling Stones do say it best when they say “you get what you need”.  A lesson.  A family.  A friend.  A heartbreak.  In order to get those things you need, you have to be strong enough to let go of what you want.  

The only person who knows what’s right is you.  Inside yourself, inside your own heart.  The real problem starts when you start…

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