Top Ten Indie Record Labels


Independent labels have been making an impact for decades, but the importance of their work is more evident than ever. While radio and television—promotional media lanes traditionally reserved for major label clients—were once the dominant means of breaking artists, the Internet now plays a large role in bringing music to the forefront, and independent labels have a platform to compete on a large scale. Today, indie labels account for about 40% of overall record sales, and while this share is split among thousands of labels worldwide, there are some that stand out among the rest.  Here are our top 10 record labels that carry a strong impact within the industry.

“Money can’t buy time, and patience is probably the most underrated value in the music business.”

-Mike Caren, president of worldwide A&R at Warner Music Group

1. Spectra Music Group

Label Genre(s): Pop | Rock | Hip Hop | R&B | Jazz | Country


Artist Count: 362…

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rock of nations radio show


I wanted to talk about the importance of making sure you understand how to properly tag your songs for when you are submitting them to radio stations and to the copyright office.

Your music is copyrighted…right? if not then this will help you from being rejected when you do.

This is a song tag ( pic below) which you access by right clicking the file and  point your cursor to PROPERTIES then DETAILS

song tag

In here you should add the correct information that applies to the song, fill out all as much as you can. Basically this information is what people use to know what your song is, with out filling this information in or using generic words radio’s and other important people who maybe  interested in your music will not  know who you are and will most likely discard it and move on to the next song. Having this…

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She’s pretty good… for a girl

An Outlaw's Journal

So the saying goes, for any woman who’s been successful at what would traditionally be “a man’s job”.  Who wrote that rule?  I believe it all started with organized religion, but that’s just a theory.

This topic started troubling me the other day, when again, I heard the phrase.  Why is it good “for a girl”?  Why aren’t you just good at what you do?  No one ever said when Babe Ruth hit his 700th home run, “he’s pretty good! for a guy.”  But they most definitely said it about the female baseball players of that era, when many of them could run circles around the men.  And so on, and so forth, as time goes by, when a woman rises up in “a man’s world”, she’s good for a girl.

Lita Ford isn’t good for a girl, she’s just good! She’s a solid, skilled guitarist, that rocks a stage, and…

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Quest for Wellyfest – With your support see us on the main stage

nigelmusic - Nigel Parry's music blog

Hi folks, friends, supporters.

We’re in the running for the People’s Choice at Wellyfest. We entered late but moving up fast and with your support we’ll get there.

Parryphonalia at the Festival of the ElementsThe prize is a spot on the main stage at Wellington Folk Festival and we need your vote.
I’m in an entry with folk band Parryphonalia and also featuring superb guitarist Julian Ward.Wellyfest

In order to vote, you first need to ‘Like’ the Wellyfest Facebook page (only once).

Then you just head over to the People’s Choice competition here.

Click the Vote button on our entry.

Nigel Parry w Parryphonalia and Julian WardHave a wee listen to the rough compilation if you like, I think it shows we can successfully fill the 45 minute stage slot with some good music.

And please click Vote. If the Vote button is green, it means you have voted for that day and have to come back later.

You can…

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Lies for Love

An Outlaw's Journal

Oh, what we do for love.  Is it love?  Or is it fulfillment, lust, or comfort?  Maybe its rebellion. Sometimes the things we do depend on what the other people in our lives advise us to do.  What if those people aren’t being honest with you?  What if they’re afraid to tell you the truth, because they are afraid of losing you?  The irony of it all!  

We all fear truth.  We are afraid to feel what is real, because that reality isn’t what we want.  The Rolling Stones do say it best when they say “you get what you need”.  A lesson.  A family.  A friend.  A heartbreak.  In order to get those things you need, you have to be strong enough to let go of what you want.  

The only person who knows what’s right is you.  Inside yourself, inside your own heart.  The real problem starts when you start…

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Spaceship Days Voted As August Band For Indie Music Bus

Mind Music Press

spaceshipdays-group-2Spaceship Days, an alternative rock group from Chapel Hill, North Carolina has been named as the August 2014 Band for Indie Music Bus. They are now featured on their website homepage, and social media outlets.

Every month a band is nominated and chosen by a group of judges to be featured through Indie Music Bus.

For Spaceship Days news, music, and videos :

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