Countdown to Lynchburg Music Fest: Lee Gibson

The Lynchburg Times

Lee Gibson will play the Lynchburg Radio Stage on Saturday at 2:15 p.m. {Photo Provided}

EVENTS A little sugar, little yeast, little corn, little water … burns so good make a grown man holler.

With lyrics like these from his recent single “Lincoln County Lightening,” it’s not hard to imagine that Winchester’s Lee Gibson will fit right in in a music festival whose tagline is, “where music meets whiskey.”

He grew up listening to country icons like Daniels and Haggard and Jones. The ghosts of those legends linger on stage as Gibson play original songs filled with lost love, hardship, and, of course, a little drinking.

He plays traditional country music with vocals that have been compared to Dwight Yoakam and Ronnie Dunn with lyric that express what it’s like to live in the heart of whiskey country right here is southern, middle Tennessee.

He’s opened for artists ranging…

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A Fan Primer to Why Streaming Pays Shit, Why Artists Roll With It, & What We Can Do

My Emu Is Emo

Spotify’s “Dance Like Nobody’s Paying” ad campaign has earned backlash from musicians and songwriters, who point out that streaming pays horribly. So I got a question from a music-lover about what streaming service fans should use, to best serve the artists we support.

I knew going in that the answer wasn’t as simple as “just switch to streaming service X” — especially since plenty of musicians I follow urge their fans to stream specifically on Spotify (and YouTube, which pays even worse than Spotify). The ultimate answer is that the industry as a whole needs to be revamped.

What follows here is a fan primer on the issue, so you can make informed choices. It’s important to note that, if you’re especially committed to supporting a specific musician, and that musician is saying outright “stream me here!”, it’s not wrong to comply. Your favorite musician has weighed the…

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Plunging into PledgeMusic’s financial statements

My Emu Is Emo

My horrified fascination at the ways in which “the PledgeMusic fiasco is weirder than you think” (Part 1, Part 2) — the investor being investigated by the SEC! the mysterious Panamanian seed investor! the loan that makes no sense and the share allotments that never show up in official filings! — left me wondering what I would have done if I’d read their financial statements back when I participated as a fan in a pledge campaign, back in 2015.

The artist’s label was using PledgeMusic for pre-orders, and it was important to me to show up and be counted as a loyal fan — so I can’t believe I would have revealed anything that would have undermined him. But I definitely would have found some things that left me running in circles going “wtf, wtf, wtf?” like a pissed-off chicken, in the privacy of my own home…

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The New WILDLIFE Single is a Pop/Rock Banger!



Anthemic distorted guitars and stadium-filling vocals are the epic sound of Canadian group WILDLIFE on their newest single “Wasted.” Combing elements from the genres of rock and pop, WILDLIFE has a sound that completely demands the listeners attention. They have pounding drums, beats to dance to, and towering catchy vocal melodies. They have written a hit that will be loudly sung by adoring fans at all of their concerts. The energy is enormous and could serve as an easy mood booster for anyone that takes the time to listen.

This song even contains a musical breakdown with call-and-answer synth and guitar solos. Solos are something that are rarely put in popular music today, so RTP definitely is grateful for that!

Give it a listen, we are sure that “Wasted” is a song that will not be forgotten. It will probably even become a staple on your favorite Spotify playlists.


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The Rose Monarch Release ‘Co-Pilot’

Sounds of Sara

Feature image by Rachel Herman

The Rose Monarch is April Rose Gabrielli, Kevin Eiserman, James Humphreys, Matt Cusano and Jared Gabrielli.

Alternative American group, The Rose Monarch have released their latest single ‘Co-Pilot’ which is a treat for the ears. The song was engineered by bassist Matthew Cusano, mixed by Mike Sapone and mastered by Mike Kalajian.

‘Co-Pilot’ was recorded and produced in a basement – already, this demonstrates the drive these musicians have.

The Rose Monarch have said that ‘Co-Pilot’was one “huge experiment” and the first song they decided to record, engineer, produce and facilitate entirely without help.

The term co-pilot runs deep for The Rose Monarch in this song as meaningful lyrics such as “you saved my life” suggests this is a song with strong meaning. The song is intended for a co-pilot/partner or friend that has influenced them. This song reiterates the importance of relationships.

Front-woman April…

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PRIDE RADAR: Ryan Cassata Releases 2016 Demo Version of “Gender Binary” after Files Were Stolen


Ryan Cassata’s message on YouTube:

“Hi Everyone! It’s Pride Month so I thought I would finally release this version I have of Gender Binary. I went into the studio in early 2016 to make a record (right after Shine came out). We started working on this song. Unfortunately, my files were stolen, and I never got to finish this song. This is a compressed MP3 version, only a couple days spent, it’s not mixed or mastered, it’s incomplete. It needed a lot more work but after losing both the money I spent and the files to be able to take it to another studio, it was impossible to finish. Anyway, I figured that I should get this into the world even though it’s not finished. I hope you can at least appreciate the meaning of the song. Love you all. love, ROC”

The live acoustic version of this song generated…

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Artist of the Day: Violet Skies with Anthemic Debut Single “Cry for Me”



Violet Skies is a proud independent artist from the U.K. who has just begun releasing music. She has recently put out her first song on Spotify titled “Cry for Me” which is undeniably a pop banger that is fit for hit radio. The pop anthem features simplistic production, a moving beat, and a vocal that is drenched in so much emotion that it’s impossible to not feel every lyric that is sung. “Cry for Me” comes across as catchy, empowering, and authentic musically and lyrically. Violet Skies possesses the power to steal the listeners ears from the first note that hits the track. We are sure you’ll enjoy this song from verse to chorus to the songs end. Hear it on Spotify now:

“This is the first happy (!) song I’d written post-break up with my ex and I was clearly still sad and confused but had started to see…

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Philippe Bronchtein’s “Me and the Moon” Gives Insight to the Lonely Side of Being a Touring Artist



Philippe Bronchtein has brought his gorgeous bluesy voice across the country driving and playing music for over a decade. He wrote the acoustic ballad “Me and the Moon” while touring, because sometimes that’s the only friend an artist has throughout their long journey of living the ultimate artists dream, being a touring musician.

“I keep telling myself…this is the life.” – Philippe Bronchtein

Bronchtein had several setbacks across his long tour such as cancelled shows and automobile problems. However, his travels were inspiring enough for him to come up with “Me and the Moon” which is a soft and personal Americana song featuring a dobro and some great story-telling. The song mentions different states in the US, changing gas prices, Interstate 10 and free drinks in different bars every night. The singer-songwriter will get back on the road in October to continue living the artists dream. We sure hope he…

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‘Walk in the Dark’ by Jack the Envious Is Some Israeli Emo-Pop By Way of London


9 13 18 Jack the Envious‘Walk in the Dark’ by Jack the Envious is some solid Israeli emo by way of London. “Founding members Nir and Chuck met while serving in the Israeli army and bonded over their love for music,” the band says. “Their dreams of flying away and forming a band got the best of them last year when they made the move to London to pursue music full-time.” These guys definitely traffic well within the boundaries of emo-pop, but they’ve come up with an exceptionally strong take on the sound. The song’s keystone riff is the kind that, in spite of it’s bubbly texture, could incite an infamous emo kid push pit. On top of those clean, punchy guitars, a very caustic yet decidedly sweet vocal approach gives the group a deep sense of character. It seems like these guys take a lot from the early work of groups like You Me…

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